London Inequality Studies is a study group set up by Simon Reid-Henry (QMUL) and Sam Strong (Cambridge). The group meets twice a Semester at Senate House in Bloomsbury.

In the first instance we plan to operate as a reading and study group. Our primary aim is to explore the political, philosophical and ethical dimensions of in/equality away from the current policy debate. We are London-based but seek a reckoning with inequality as a wider social phenomenon. By historicising and intellectually re-framing the politics of equality and inequality, the point will be to come to a deeper understanding of what is new, and what is old, in inequality today.

Our discussions are resolutely interdisciplinary. Each meeting focuses upon a carefully curated theme. As a participant it isn’t necessary to attend all of the seminars, but the idea is that they will build upon each other as we go. A list of previous themes and core readings to catch up with can be found on the blog pages and, in due course, will each have their own associated page with links, readings and commentaries.

If you are interested in taking part please contact the organisers. Readings will be distributed via the list a few weeks in advance of each meeting.

About the convenors

Sam Strong is a geographer formerly at Queen Mary, University of London and now at Cambridge University. His current research project, Unequal Lives, is focused on an ethnographic investigation into inequality in the heart of the city. Simon Reid-Henry is an historical and political geographer at Queen Mary, University of London and the author, amongst other books, of The Political Origins Of Inequality (University of Chicago Press, 2015).