On Inequality

“The social question is today only a zephyr which rustles the leaves, … [but] it will soon become a hurricane,” observed Benjamin Disraeli more than a century ago. The storm winds are once again gathering. But meeting the challenge of inequality today, as the French ‘historian of the political’ Pierre Rosanvallon observes, requires “rethink[ing] the whole concept of equality.” The task is set before us.

The idea behind London Inequality Studies is to provide a space for thinking more deeply about equality and inequality. We welcome participants from across the disciplines: geography, history, economics, law, political science, anthropology and more.

The group plans to meet for three years in the first instance. Each year we will focus on a particular topic: Statements (Year 1), Frameworks (Year 2), and Reason (Year 3). Be in touch via the contacts page if you think you would like to be involved.

On these pages you will find details of some of the reading we plan to work through. This is a work-in-progress so please be in touch with further suggestions.

06 POI copy BW.jpeg

Esben S. Titland: Detail from The Illustrated Origins of Inequality, by Simon Reid-Henry and Esben S. Titland.

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