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The theme for 2019/20 was ‘Framing Inequality‘. How is inequality named, studied, measured and translated across a range of mediums, disciplines and spaces?


In addition to our smaller group discussions we were joined by four different speakers whose work sheds light on this question. What ties their talks together is the insights they each provide into how inequality is represented and, in turn, how such representations justify particular engagements, policies and ways of thinking. The first two talks focus on the medium of policy and public debate; the second two focus on the politics of numbers.

1) Tuesday 15th October: Lucy Natarajan (UCL) – ‘Spatial inequalities and the UK2070 commission’

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Room 3.1

5pm – 7pm (Holborn Tube)

Map and directions here.

2) Tuesday 29th October: Adam Corlett (Resolution Foundation) – ‘Should we care about UK inequality?’

The Royal Society of Arts

5pm-7pm (Embankment Tube)

Map and Directions here.

3) Tuesday 28 January 2020: Danny Dorling (University of Oxford) – ‘Peak inequality and mortality in the UK: 2015-2020’

20 Bedford Way, Room 836

5pm – 7pm (nearest tubes are Russell Square. Euston and Kings Cross also within walking distance)

Map and directions here.

4) Wednesday 24 June 2020: Pedro Ramos Pinto (University of Cambridge) – ‘Inequality by numbers’

By Zoom (see the eventbrite listing for details)

2pm – 4pm

You can now download information on some of these seminars below.

London Inequality Studies 2.III – Seminar Report

London Inequality Studies 2.IV – Seminar Report


The theme for our first year of work (2018/19) was ‘Statements’. Here the intention was to grasp something of the range of disciplinary and political investments in the concept of inequality; informally tracing out something of the history of its uses and development . You can also download reports from some of these initial meetings below. These meetings were mostly used to establish the scope and focus of the group’s work.

Apartment building


London Inequality Studies III – Seminar Report

London Inequality Studies II – Seminar Report

London Inequality Studies I – Seminar Report


Our first ever meeting took place on Tuesday 4th December, 2018 at Senate House. Simon and Sam introduced the group and plans for the year ahead. If you would like to be a part of this group going forward please be in touch via the contact page.

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